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Back to Basics Western Wear: More Than a Store, It's a Tradition

In the heart of our community stands a haven, where the spirit of the West comes alive in every stitch, where tradition meets trend, and where every handshake carries the weight of respect and honor. This haven is Back to Basics Western Wear, a store that transcends the realm of mere commerce, offering not just products, but a way of life deeply rooted in the essence of western lifestyle.

Girl with Back to Basics Western Wear Logo on the back of her jean jacket outside with her horses

The Back to Basics Philosophy

At Back to Basics, we don't just sell clothing, boots, hats, and accessories we promote a lifestyle. For us, the western way of life is not a fleeting fashion statement for us. It's a passion, a commitment, and a heritage. When you step into our store, you're immersing yourself in a culture where a handshake signifies trust, where your name holds value, and where stewardship of the land and animals is a sacred duty.

Hands-On Expertise

We believe in the power of personal interaction, in understanding the unique needs and desires of each customer. Our team, deeply knowledgeable and passionate about western wear, works directly with everyone who comes into the store, guiding them through the process of finding the perfect fit, whether it's boots, hats, or clothing. We offer an education, sharing our expertise to empower customers to make informed decisions about their investments. We often stretch boots, shape hats, and any boots that need to be repaired are taken care of by our local cobbler.

A Passion Turned Profession

For me, Back to Basics is not just a business. It's a reflection of my lifestyle and passion. As a cattle rancher deeply connected to the western way of life, I saw an opportunity to create an establishment where like-minded individuals can find everything they need and want. The transition from passion to profession was not just a business decision, it was a calling.

When I heard that Bob, the previous owner, was contemplating retirement, it felt like divine intervention. Our conversations were more than just business discussions they were a meeting of kindred spirits, guided by a shared love of God and western wear. Within a year, my family and I took over the business, and we are proud to build upon Bob's legacy and traditions.

Products for Every Occasion

Whether you're gearing up for a rodeo, tending to your ranch, celebrating a wedding, planning a night out, or attending a concert, we have the perfect products for every event in your life. From handcrafted boots that tell stories of rugged adventures to hats custom shaped with precision and care, our offerings are companions on your journey, enhancing every moment with authenticity and style.

The Back to Basics Promise

At Back to Basics, quality is not just a feature, it's a guarantee. We curate products from trusted vendors, ensuring that every item meets the highest standards of craftsmanship. Along with our commitment to excellence, we believe in fair pricing and offer competitive rates that make the western lifestyle accessible to everyone.

In the heart of our store lies a belief that everyone should be treated with respect and personalized attention. We invite you to come on by for a handshake and experience a place where every customer is not just a visitor, but a part of our extended family.

We would be honored to meet you.

Jason, Owner


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