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A New Brand at Back to Basic's: Rios of Mercedes

As we welcome a new season, we also welcome a new boot brand at Back to Basic's; Rios of Mercedes! "Phone ringing"-- Customer: "When are you getting Rios of Mercedes?"..."Phone ringing again"-- Customer: "Do y'all have Rios' yet?"... after multiple daily requests, we had to add the brand! In this blog, we will be immersed with the company's rich history, the details that set a Rios of Mercedes boot apart from others, and what Rios' has to offer in our store.

Rios of Mercedes: Craftsmanship of Two Cousins

The story begins in 1853, Zeferino and Abraham Rios (cousins) are making boots and saddles for Mexican soldiers. In 1908, the Rios family moved to Texas and the two open a boot shop. Eventually, each cousin decided they wanted to work independently and each cousin opened a boot shop of their own. Zeferino opens his shop in Mercedes, Texas and Abraham opens his in Raymondville, Texas. The two continue to live their lives doing what they know best... hand crafting boots. Fast forward to 1969, Zeferino decides it is time to retire and sells his business to the people that made the brand what it is today...and the rest is well...history! "With more than 160 years of boot making experience, we believe and insist on doing things the right way."  The company continues to grow and is now a sister company of Anderson Bean. This brand is filled with authentic craftsmanship and rich history!

Rios of Mercedes: One of a Kind

Rios of Mercedes has been a highly requested brand for years now. For a little while we wondered why? Once we decided to sit down with a rep from the company...we understood why. This brand truly cares about the quality of a boot....don't mistake us for quantity...quality!

The company stands by "the perfect Rios fit"; each boot should fit just right in every area. From your calf, to your ankle and most importantly your foot (see the perfect fit guide above). In addition to their perfect fit, the brand stands by its craftsmanship. As co-owner Trainor Evans notes, “I like picking up old boots and remembering who made them…it is not just that these boots are handmade, but whose hands are making them.” The company prides themselves on crafting boots that are made by people for people. Boots from the brand take a few months to a year to arrive but in everything....a great pair of boots is worth waiting for. It is hard to describe the feeling of wearing one of their just know when you put on a pair..."there is something amazing with these boots"!

Rios of Mercedes at Back to Basic's

At Back to Basic's we have multiple styles of Rios of Mercedes for men in stock with more for both men and women on the way! We pride ourselves on helping our customers to find the right boot! Our three newest styles include, Black Smooth Quill Ostrich, Tan Roughout and Chocolate Crocodile Belly. Our smooth quill ostrich are a favorite among our customers. A big reason they are so popular is because ostrich is naturally resistant to the toxins and neurotoxins that is produced by animal waste. Our tan roughout boots are popular among younger crowds and match with almost any outfit! Lastly, one of our staff's favorite, is the chocolate crocodile belly! This boot is perfect for dressing up for a upscale date or a groom that wants to keep to his "western roots" but still wants to be classy for his wedding. There is a Rios of Mercedes boot available for any occasion and many more are on their way!

Get Ready in Rios' with Us!

It is safe to say that Rios of Mercedes is one of our most requested, higher end, boot brands...and now you all know why! You may love Rio's for their rich history and authentic craftsmanship. Perhaps you love the brand for their almost instant perfect fit. Or you may love everything that the brand has to offer. At Back to Basic's Western Wear we are here to help you find the perfect boot! We would love for everyone to get the chance to try this top of the line boot brand.

 Contact us today under our "contact us" tab on our website or call us at (717)-432-2668.

We look forward to working with you!

-Sydney, Marketing


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