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Ariat: A Brand We Love!

Today we are highlighting Ariat, a brand that we love at Back to Basic's and we are ecstatic to be sharing "all-things-Ariat" with you! Read along as we dive into the intuitive yet relatable history of Ariat, how Ariat has immersed itself into western fashion and what Ariat looks like at Back to Basic's Western Wear. If you aren't already a Ariat fan, we assure you that you will be after this blog!

Ariat: More than a Brand.

Ariat was founded in 1993 by CEO and Pennsylvania native, Beth Cross. Beth grew up on a farm in PA and was apart of a large family, consisting of eight children. She starts her story off as being that same small town Pennsylvania child in 1973... "I have a special memory of sitting in front of the TV in 1973, watching Secretariat win the Kentucky Derby. He went on to win the Triple Crown, setting records that still stand today. Secretariat’s big heart and competitive spirit were the motivations behind naming our company Ariat. Ariat was founded as “The New Breed of Boot.” As Beth shares, Ariat has her heart enveloped in its roots as well as the champion horse known as Secretariat. Get it? you know how to pronounce the well known brand. The Ariat logo also represents its roots and ties to Secretariat. Secretariat by definition "was a champion American thoroughbred racehorse who was the ninth winner of the American Triple Crown, setting and still holding the fastest time record in all three of its constituent races." Thus the logo shows three horseshoes to represent all three race wins and together winning the American Triple Crown. The brand continues to keep its roots but has expanded across the US and other countries to become the brand it is today.

Ariat: Impact on Western Fashion

Ariat is our most sold brand at Back to Basic's so they certainly have earned a highlight in our store! They have also earned their highlight from the impact they have had on the western fashion world as a whole. Let's start with why Ariat is a leading brand among all of our boots. What we hear most often from our customers is that they love Ariat's boots and shoes for their comfort. Ariat is known for their insoles, saying this about their men's insoles: "Ariat offers a comprehensive line of performance insoles. With advanced technical materials and engineering to maximize foot comfort and support, there is an insole for every need, purpose and type of foot." The brands innovation and technology sets them grossly apart from many other brands with being an affordable boot with little "break in time". Ariat also has a huge selection of clothing. Going to the trade show in Dallas, Texas our owners and managers met with representatives of the Ariat brand; we saw first hand just "how much fun" their designers have with coming up with new items each year! Ariat offers a wide array of clothing that suits the modern cowboy or cowgirl while also keeping the western tradition alive.

New Ariat Tek Spring Wear for Ladies!

Some of our Men's Ariat button downs and t-shirts

Ariat at Back to Basic's Western Wear

As stated above, Ariat is our most loved name across all of our brands. Majority of our customers love what Ariat has to offer but also what they stand for. At Back to Basic's Western Wear we do our best to provide a large selection of western wear to fit the needs of each and every person. We carry Ariat boots, shoes (Hilo's and Cruisers) jeans (fashion, Rebar and Fire-resistant), Ariat button downs and pearl snaps, canvas jackets, Tek clothes for performance riding, t-shirts, dresses and the list continues. It comes to no surprise, that this brand is so loved...what don't they offer? We have yet to see!

 Ariat children's boots offer an extra half size for growing feet!

Get more wear out of their children's boots!

Experience Ariat with Us

There is no denying that Ariat is an exceptional that us and our customers exceptionally love! You may love Ariat for their history and roots being shared with a Pennsylvania business women and a champion race horse, Secretariat. Maybe you love them for their innovation and technology that delivers the best product for every type of person. Perhaps you simply love their variety and selection. At Back to Basic's Western Wear, we would love for everyone to experience this beloved brand with us. Whether you are looking for a specific Ariat item or are still familiarizing yourself with the brand. We are here to help;

 Contact us today under our "contact us" tab on our website or call us at (717)-432-2668.

We look forward to connecting with you!

-Sydney, Marketing


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