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Western Fashion Trends

Western Fashion is the "talk of the town" and it is not leaving any time soon. In fact, western fashion continues to climb in popularity. We will be discussing our favorite trends of 2023 and trends that are continuing into 2024 that we have at Back to Basic's. From turquoise, plaid, to classic denim and an old favorite...fringes!

A Touch of Turquoise

Western fashion has always been known for its grit, grace and a touch of turquoise. Originally adopted from Native American Tribes, turquoise has been true to western heritage since its origin, and looks as if for many more years to come. Whether you are wearing an everyday casual outfit or going out on the town, turquoise always completes an ensemble. You can find authentic turquoise in our Zuni jewelry showcases at checkout, buckles inlayed with the stone and the color threaded throughout different fabrics in our clothing. Match your accessories and outfits to your boots and a cowboy hat. The options are endless!

Plaid is Back

Classic plaid has always been a staple in country and western wear but it seems to be more popular now than ever! Plaid is versatile but also a simple trendy option that we are seeing with both men and women. Plaid can be worn in a classic flannel fit for a comfortable look or as work wear. However, consider plaid as a dress piece now as well. This pattern has gained popularity as crisp snap down shirts. This gives the option to be worn with a sharp sport coat (which we do carry) and a clean, new pair of denim jeans.

Classic Crisp Denim

Denim has always been the foundation of Western Fashion and Western Culture. Whether you are wearing your favorite riding jeans or sporting bell bottoms to match your favorite up and coming cannot go wrong with denim! Let's expand on denim: Denim on denim for men and women is expected to climb for 2024. Bell bottoms and flares continue to be popular as well. We have a large selection of denim for men, women and children. Fix yourself a pair of jeans, a denim jacket or both! Whatever the occasion, denim will never steer you wrong.

Add a Flare with Fringes

Fringes have been back for a few years now and they continue to grow in popularity. We are seeing fringes being included with not just jackets but also in a variety of shirts, dresses, purses and boots that have been sporting the style. The flow of fringes creates a diverse

fashion look perfect for a bachelorette celebration, a country concert or an evening outing. Stand out with lots of fringes in your outfit or tone it down with a simple touch of fringes on your handbag, either is a trendy option.

Now you're a "Trendsetter"

We hope this blogs brings reassurance that you can rock your favorite western pieces and still be in style. Whether it is turquoise jewelry, a denim jacket, a fancy plaid shirt or fringes on your favorite pair of boots we can help! Regardless, of seeing these trends in western fashion, rock your favorite looks for any occasion if you love it. Be true to you. Be western.

We would be happy to help you put together any of you desired looks! Contact us today under our "contact us" tab on our website or call us at (717)-432-2668.

We look forward to hearing from you!

-Sydney, Marketing and Social Media


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